MORA-Therapy | Treatment with the MORA machine
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What is Mora therapy?

What isn't Mora therapy?

The machine

Therapy without any bad side effects


The treadment with the MORA machine

The patient is treated for therapy with the MORA machine via two hand or foot electrodes (in the development of MORA-Super with two hands and two feet electrodes simultaneously).

The patient's own vibrations get inside this two or four electrodes and electrically conductive cable in the device, similarly to the recording of ECG and EEG. Also can be treated specifically and successfully special electrodes both individual skin areas, as well as certain areas of pain and pain points.

The MORA machine is even able to distinguish a biologically physically active filter, which the organism is micro magnetic information spectrum conducive and his weakened energy potential via defined reinforcements raises again. The stressful vibration information, such as heavy metals deposited or informative not metabolized food, be reversed, ie transformed into its mirror image, and so returned to the body. Those, the body strong stressful vibrations, are thus weakened by the MORA machine through the corresponding counter-vibrations in the body, at best even deleted completely. The patient is treated exclusively with the for him relevant at this moment and only for him characteristic body's vibrations. At no stage of the therapy, a supply of external energy or foreign substances takes place.

Usually is in a first treatment step (the called basic therapy), the entire body harmonization. The second treatment step, usually with other programs, settings and electrodes, serves to tread the ascertained disease. We also often use a finger-like point-electrode. With it, we can tread specific problem areas of the body, such as pain zones or similar ailment. There are also flexible electrodes, roller electrodes and a "MORA-Active probe", which eliminated the morbid vibrations via a magnetic field from the deeper organs of the body. The diagnosis and the course of therapy can be controlled and measured at acupuncture points. In aftermath does change the disease symptoms and laboratory test results similarly.