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What is Mora therapy?

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What is MORA therapy?

The MORA therapy is a holistic diagnosis and treatment principle with the patient's own vibrations. This therapy method was developed in 1977 by the German physician Dr. Franz Morell and the engineer Erich Rasche, from which the name MO-RA has revealed.

In the meantime, could be detected and confirmed in 19 years of research by renowned scientists at home country and abroad, that every human has an individual oscillation spectrum which can be exploited therapeutically. Today we known that chemical processes in the body of humans and animals can be controlled by electromagnetic vibrations. Even organs of each persons, whether healthy or sick, has a individual oscillation spectrum and thus also a certain energy potential. Comparing with this is reminiscent of the cardiac currents with the electrocardiogram (ECG) and the brainwaves, which can be measured with the electrical-encephalogram (EEG). Likewise, neural pathways can stimulate specifically with weak stimulation currents to certain reactions.

The body's own regulating forces are released

Damage to the organism can change in many ways the milieu of the body so that the biochemical processes are disturbed and possibly cause disease. Pollutants that are absorbed through the food, heavy metal contamination in the drinking water, environmental toxins generally bring the intact regulatory system of the body out of balance. All of these pollutants have an effect not only in their material manifest form of the organism, but also informative level through their specific electromagnetic vibrations that radiate.

Now if all the fine control processes in the human organism through the pollution-related spurious vibrations affect too much, mismanagement and malfunctions can occur which have a disease result.

Dr. Morell had the brilliant idea, just delete these spurious vibrations through her own reflection in order to relieve the sick organism and thus to facilitate their natural self-healing.