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What is Mora therapy?

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Therapy without any bad side effects


Therapy without any bad side effects

Many patients feel better after the first treatment, but it is quite possible before of a sense of improvement, the body must first withdraw deposits, which are released by the therapy.

The MORA therapy releases many of these harmful deposits in the tissues, which should be eliminated as quickly as possible. The release of these toxins may lead to short duration initial reactions, as they are often observed in homeopathic treatments. This is not a sign of incorrect therapy and no cause for concern. It is merely a transitional stage during detoxification. The easiest way to prevent or minimize them is by copious drinking water with a low potential of minerals at each day of therapy and the following days. As well the detoxification of the skin (daily showers with vigorous washing of the skin, do sauna) and via the bowel (no obstipation tolerate) is important! In rare cases, additional purgative measures need to be enacted.

The quantity of required therapy sessions is defined by the therapist. In many acute cases is a single therapy often enough, to start with the self-healing process (such as acute inflammation, infections, pain state, toxication in the broadest sense, etc.). In diseases with severe or chronic cases multiple treatments are usually required.

Basically all diseases can be treated with MORA therapy, where it has not yet come to the irrevocable destruction. The best therapeutic results can be expected in case of allergies, food intolerances, environmental toxins and artifictial denture products, functional cardiovascular diseases, acute and chronic pain and inflammatory state, pre- and postoperative therapy, metabolic disorders and psychosomatic illnesses. The dentist patients offers MORA therapy a individual testing of all the dental materials, which suits You best. Likewise, all intolerances tooth materials can be found. MORA Therapy has proved very effective, by release amalgam fillings. Moreover can be found inflammatory interference in the patient's body, which often comes from the teeth, but also often by chronic inflammation of internal organs.

Even in diseases with advanced physical defects a good alleviation of symptomatic complaints is possible. Damage caused by treadment of the MORA therapy are unknown.